Rates and Process

Here’s everything you want to know about my rates and pricing (but didn’t know how to ask.)

Do you charge by the hour?

No, they're not. Every project is quoted based on value - after all, you should pay for the value and ROI my content provides, not the time I spend creating it.

Each project includes all of the following:

  • Time for research and exploration
  • Outreach and interviews for customers and expert sources
  • SEO optimization and keyword integration on all content
  • Creation of relevant images, screenshots, charts, examples, and social media graphics
  • Internal and external links
  • Custom call-to-action on each post based on your content goals
  • Recommendations for adding links to the new content from your existing pages
  • One round of revisions (additional revisions available for an extra fee)
  • Publishing to your CMS (available for an extra fee)

Every piece I write is extensively researched, optimized for search or sharing, and professionally written.

What price point can I expect for my project?

Most projects I take on are either retainer or deliverable based.

Deliverable-based projects: One-time projects (like blog posts, landing pages, or single emails) start at $600 per post. Quotes can vary based on required research time, word count, and whether the project requires additional outreach or interviews.

Retainer-based projects: You purchase a fixed set of deliverables each month, like two blog posts or four email newsletters. I have a 3-month minimum for all retainers, to ensure I can provide a high level of work to all my clients. Retainer quotes can vary dramatically based on what you're looking for, so it's best to reach out to me if you're interested in ongoing work.

Clients who choose to work with me do so because they believe in the return that high-quality, conversion-oriented content can provide. If your main focus is on keeping costs low, then you're in the wrong place. That said, I do offer multiple tiers for retainers and one-off projects to match your needs and budget.

What does the process look like for new clients?

Most blog content projects follow the same basic process:

  1. The first step is to fill out my client application form. This gives me a little background on your business and what you're looking for, so I know if we'll be a good fit for working together and if I'm confident I can provide a positive ROI on your investment.
  2. If your project looks like a good match, we'll jump on an initial video call to chat about your goals, your project, and your budget.
  3. Once I'm confident your project will be a win for both of us, I'll send you over a proposal full of helpful details - cost, scope, your responsibilities, my responsibilities - all the good stuff. I'll also send over my MSA for you to sign, as well as an invoice for a 50% deposit on the project.
  4. For blog content projects, I'll send over a writing brief to guide my outline, which you'll fill out online. I'll build out the outline based on the details you provide, and send over the outline for you to review once the deposit has been received.
  5. You'll hop into Google Docs and make comments, suggestions, and changes on the outline before I move forward before I dive into writing.
  6. I'll draft up the first pass at the deliverable we agreed on (7 business days turnaround time on average), and send it over to you for review.
  7. You'll jump back into Google Docs and leave feedback and comments on the article draft.
  8. I'll come back and make the requested changes within 1-2 business days, plus conduct my own final round of proofreading.
  9. Once you sign off on final approval, I'll either hand the final document over to you, or add it to your CMS, depending on our agreement. I'll also send over the invoice for the remaining 50% balance.
  10. We'll jump on a final call where you can give feedback and suggestions for future work, and how we can make the next phase of the project even more successful. If it's the end of our project, I'll also send you a short exit survey for you to complete.

Will I be able to contact you while you're working on my project?

You should never have to "follow up" on me. I try to keep all my clients informed with regular status reports via email every few days, and I'm happy to jump on a video call any time if you have questions about your project. I'm also more than happy to join your Slack team to make communication even easier.

Can I pay by credit card?

Absolutely - I manage all my invoicing online through Bonsai, where you can pay by credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. I can also provide a W9 on request.

How soon can you start?

Normally I require a 3-week lead time for new client projects. I typically have 1-2 new client openings each month, but those fill up quickly - the best way to secure my time is through a retainer. The sooner you get started, the better. If you need me RIGHT NOW, I'm happy to move you to the top of my priority list, but a 25% priority fee will be added to your invoice.

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Working with Kieran made me step back and think 'Oh, so THIS is what's it's like working with a total pro.' Kieran hit his deadlines, responded to edits quickly, and was hyper-organized. I look forward to working with him again!
Sean Blanda, past editorial director at Invision