Hi there, I'm Kieran 👋

Raise your revenue and connect with customers using personalized emails.

Acquiring a new customer is 5x more expensive than keeping existing customers.

Convert more leads, reduce your marketing spend and help your best customers reach their goals with segmented and personalized email sequences.

Engage customers with personalized email sequences

Segment your audience and personalize your messaging to improve conversion rates across the board.

Understand your best customers and their needs

Learn more about your best customers' needs and goals, and use email to help them become more successful.

Save time and reduce your marketing spend

Improving your emails moves the needle for your business immediately. No more waiting for content to start ranking.

Kieran did a full conversion audit on our site - he found all the places we were losing revenue, and suggested ways to fix them. Our business is growing faster than ever - thanks so much!
Matt Dandurand

Process makes perfect. Here's mine:

Step 1. Learning

On a short initial call, we'll talk through your business, budget, deadline, and the problem you're looking to solve. If I'm confident I can help, we'll set up a time to chat in more detail about the nitty-gritty project details and discuss the scope of what you're hoping to achieve. I only take on projects that will bring you a positive return on your investment.

Step 2. Research and Insights

Next, we'll collect insights into how customers talk about your product or service to echo in your emails. We'll work together to go through any existing research you have, mining your customer communications, interviewing customers, and mining for competitor reviews and comments to find the perfect messaging for your emails.

Step 3. Writing

After we know how customers talk about your product, we'll create automated email sequences that put the customer data to work. This often looks like a combination of automated onboarding emails, behavioral emails, educational drip sequences, survey emails to learn about your audience, and more.

Step 4. Implementation

We'll roll out all the emails you need in your chosen email service provider, and test everything to make sure it's working as expected. We'll also make sure your site is properly hooked up to the new sequences. Once everything's ready to go, we'll flip the switch and...

Step 5. Launch

This is where the party gets started 🎉
You'll set your brand-new emails loose on the internet, and start seeing improvements in retention and engagement immediately. If things don't go to plan, we'll tweak and test your emails until they're working well.

Step 6. Ongoing Maintenance

The party doesn't stop here - there's always room for improvement. We'll optionally work together to track how your emails are performing, testing and swapping out copy, subject lines, audience segments and more to make sure you're reaching your campaign goals and getting a strong return on your email investment.

taking care of your audience and our planet

I ♥ working with purpose-driven companies, and pledge 1% of total revenue to help preserve and restore our natural environment. Every project we do together brings real change to our planet; giving back is the least we can do.

Kieran’s expertise with marketing strategy helped me triple my clients in just a few months.
Sarah Motz-Storey
Winding Path

Hi, I'm Kieran 👋

I’m a email marketing consultant and product guy who firmly believes that deeply understanding your customers and providing a personal experience are the keys to successful business.

In the past decade, I've worn holes through every hat from development to product management and marketing, and it's this experience that lets me bring new ideas to every part of your business, from big-picture strategy to the tiniest of details.

When I'm not helping growing companies get personal with their customers, I'm probably at the local cafe with my wife and two daughters. I'd love to hear from you!

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