The opposite of “more” isn’t “less” — if we care enough, it’s better.
As long as you're connecting with the audience you're trying to help, then you're winning at marketing - and that's something even us introverts can manage.
When everyone is tired of the orange-carrot complex, here's how to make sure your offer stands out from the bunch.
Find out how much you should be spending on your Facebook ads - and download my free Facebook ads budget spreadsheet to easily calculate your ads return.
Focus on sharing what you know and what you've learned in a way that helps others - there's always someone a few steps behind you that you could help.
The goal of your business plan isn't to come up with a detailed blueprint for what's going to happen when. It's to help you quickly identify your riskiest guesses, and find ways to reduce that risk.
Break free from the hourly mindset, and build a system where every single thing you do increases the value of the time you've already spent.
Authenticity is your secret weapon – your personality, style, opinions, and voice are what make your personal brand shine.
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